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My Teaching Repetoire

IAT 102 – Graphic Design:

This introductory, lower division course provides an introduction to fundamental design principles for visual communication. Organized as a continual interplay of theory and practice, students examine historical, philosophical, perceptual and semiotic approaches to understanding graphic design, and explore principles of form, such as structure and composition, hierarchy, form, color, space, scale, typography, and legibility and readability through hands-on projects.

IAT 106 – Spatial Thinking:

IAT 106 – Spatial Thinking: This course introduces students to the world of 3D thinking, representation and communication, with a focus on spatial thinking. Students are provided with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to understand, create and use computer-generated three-dimensional (3D) representations. Students learn the technical basis of representing 3D environments, as well as cognitive science theories of visual thinking.


IAT 208 – Drawing as Inquiry:

This second-year course provides an overview of the various forms and languages of drawing as both a critical and a research tool. This course presents (through in-class activities and projects) opportunities for students to understand and apply drawing as a medium for visual thinking and conceptualization. These competencies are designed to allow students to express their ideas in visually appealing, tangible ways in other courses. Skillsets taught include human figure/life drawing, mixed media, linear perspective projection, mark making and linework, composition and rapid ideation using markers.


IAT 336 – Materials and Design:

This 13-week course provides students with an understanding of physical material choices for designing interactive objects and environments. The highlight of the course is the final project, which combines design materials such as wood and plastic with hand and automated processes such as laser cutting, culminating in an interactive physical prototype. Specifically, students are trained to research, specify and justify material choices for their designs.

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