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Affiliations: Community Outreach



Maker Faire: As part of my outreach for 3D printing, I have been the Maker Faire Faculty Representative (2012–Present). Maker Faire is an annual exhibition focusing on 3D printing and other emerging technologies.This past June, I attended for the third consecutive year, showcasing IAT 336 student work as well as assisting in promoting SIAT to potential students attending the event.


3D printing Meetup group: Inspired by the local Maker Faire, I have organized a webpage on the Meetup social networking site focusing on 3D printer hobbyists, educators and inventors living in
Surrey and the Fraser Valley.



2. Workshop Development


Training Manual for 3D Printing: The purpose of this project was to design a beginner's curriculum for 3D printing to be offered to various departments of Simon Fraser University and to the public. The manual and course slides provide an introduction to additive manufacturing technology, printing material, setting up the 3D printer as well as a primer on how to create geometry using Autodesk software e.g. Tinkercad.




Above: Display of student work from Maker Faire

Above: Title page from my 3D printing workshop slideset


3. Research Interests


RESEARCH INTEREST: In 2014, I collaborated with a faculty member at SFU's Chemistry department to design and fabricate tangible molecular models to assist visually impaired students with understanding molecular theory.


The molecular models were made using our in-house 3D printer and were modular. Students could identify individual elements and assemble molecules from pre-made sets.

Above: 3D printed Braille chemistry set for

visually-impaired students

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